Les miserables love and compassion essay

Moral duty does arise where goods for others, which may or may not overlap goods for the self, are concerned.

He left him because he was forced to and becomes devastated for not coming any sooner and for being angry with his father. An "end" clearly stops the action of the will, so that the will does not continue to some further good.

Hugo firmly believed that it was his duty to stand up for those less fortunate than himself, a quality that drew him widespread appreciation.

Without the input of any prestigious astronomers at all, most people seem to assume that the ultimate tiebreaker in man vs. When the bishop offers his candlesticks to Valjean, he is symbolically transferring the light inside of him to Valjean as he asks him to promise to lead an honest life.

Incompetent persons do not lose rights of self-interest and only lose rights of autonomy in so far as their self-interest can be better evaluated and pursued, in their behalf, by others, who act as guardians.

Character Analysis – Les Miserables Essay

Here it is obvious that the decision was by fiat. Thomas Jeffersonin a letter fromexpresses this nicely: Fiacre can also be purchased. The generalization of this abeyance to competent adults is more or less the definition of political paternalismwhich produces what may be more properly called the "materialism" of the welfare state.

Les Miserables

Despite being sickly, Fantine makes every effort possible to support herself and her daughter, Cosette. Only where a moral issue is already involved will there be a "preponderating interest" that is absolute, determinable, and preemptive over non-moral and personal goods; and such a moral issue, as above, will always involve the respect for the innocent, competent will of others with respect to their own interests.

Why Les Miserables Didnt Stand Up To Expectations

Looking back at my life I could have had a normal life but I choose a different path. Through this moment in time, Valjean became very depressed and lonely, that caused him to give up on life.

Les Misérables

Thus, one should treat oneself as an end also as well as means. Javert arrests the Thenardiers, but Valjean is able to slip away before he is recognized. The literary analysis provided examples from the book to show that the book had romanticism through tragedy.

The consequences of breaking his word ends up being very dire for him though. He carries out his work with extreme precision, and hunts for lawbreakers in the way that a beast would hunt its prey.

Each of the three primary characters are used to symbolize these issues: For a socialist and collectivist like Nelson, this may not be that surprising; but it destroys the value of much of his substantive ethical theory. This is an extraordinary and absurd proposition.

This goes far beyond kindness, and even beyond "philanthropy," which is a word that Kant uses [p. Marius pens a reply and asks a boy named Gavroche to deliver it.

What do you do. The rest of the community, in fact, comes to think of her as a kind of saint because of her piety and charitable works. Kant is probably under the impression that self-preservation is a duty, and so suicide a sin, because of Christian ethics, not because of the eternal forms of reason to which he appeals.

We would bludgeon them over the head with big books about the side effects of lithium. The novel follows the lives and interactions of several characters, focusing on the struggles of ex-convict Jean Valjean and his experience of redemption.

Defiled Forever

I can stand on one leg for a real long time. You can point out how many important professors of icthyology in fancy suits use your definition, and how only a couple of people with really weird facial hair use his. Another strength of mine was I sympathizing and understanding Jean Valjean and being able to express that by writing a journal entry in his perspective for the creative element.

Art is a form of a communication, persuasion, and, essentially, manipulation. When Cosette and Marius got together Jean delighted Marius, but when they get married Jean told him the truth about being an ex-convict.

Work not for a reward; but never cease to do thy work. This change causes a loss in the hopelessness of Valjean, and makes it impossible for the script to create the situations that follow in the novel.

In the end, it is unconditional love for mankind that wins. Because of this, her family and even her previously adoring and doting husband — Angel — consider her a ruined woman. Although we think of borders as nice straight lines that separate people of different cultures, they can form giant panhandles, distant islands, and enclaves-within-enclaves-within-enclaves.

You draw category boundaries in specific ways to capture tradeoffs you care about. My strengths in this project were providing evidence in the literary analysis.

Gardening is a kind of deadheading - keeping us from going to seed. Essay on Les Miserables by Victor Hugo Words | 5 Pages Les Misérables is an epic tale of hope, empathy, sympathy, redemption and hate set in post-revolutionary France.

Josh Jones, Two commenters have already smashed your entire essay. So have hundreds of other people who actually understand Ayn Rand, when hundreds of times people have tried to pin contradiction on Ayn Rand for retrieving $11, of the vastly higher amount taken from her by a coercive system.

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Tragic Hero

Fantine is a fictional character in Victor Hugo's novel Les douglasishere.com is a young orphaned grisette in Paris who becomes pregnant by a rich student. After he abandons her, she is forced to look after their child, Cosette, on her douglasishere.comally a pretty and naïve girl, Fantine is eventually forced by circumstances to become a prostitute, selling her .

Les miserables love and compassion essay
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