An analysis of walt whitmans and emily dickinsons poems with similar topics

Two other poems dating from the first half of the s draw a contrast between the world as it is and a more peaceful alternativevariously eternity or a serene imaginative order.

Compare and contrast Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman.

The individual is subject to any amount of suffering, but so long as he or she remains a sovereign self, he or she still has that which separates him or her from other animate and inanimate beings.

Never marrying, the two sisters remained at home, and when their brother married, he and his wife established their own household next door. Birds Dickinson uses the symbol of birds rather flexibly. Whitman released a second edition of the book incontaining thirty-three poems, a letter from Emerson praising the first edition, and a long open letter by Whitman in response.

One of the things I did notice in there poems or writings was how they structured it. Her poetic manuscripts are divided between two primary collections: The poems she wrote indicate that she was fascinated with the concepts of death, love, and religion.

Much of her writing, both poetic and epistolary, seems premised on a feeling of abandonment and a matching effort to deny, overcome, or reflect on a sense of solitude. In addition to seeking an informed critique from a professional but not unsympathetic man of letters, she was reaching out at a time of accentuated loneliness.

In contrast, Dickinson's poetry is interior, dealing with her states of mind, and is short and compact. Dickinson inhabited a world of Victorian sentimentality, but infused its musty conventions with the vigor of her idiosyncratic point of view and elliptical style.

A Close, Intimate Look at Walt Whitman Her writing seems to have come from nowhere and her verse was like nothing else both in her own time and in American literature.

By studying these two poems, one can see several obvious similarities between them, one had no structure at all in there poems, but the other wrote in four line stanzas.

Comparison and Contrast of Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman

Little, Brown and Co. University of Massachusetts Press, The notes after each chapter indicate useful avenues for further study. A well-researched and accessible literary biography meant to fill the gap between the detailed scholarly criticism and the outdated popular image of Dickinson as the lovelorn recluse.

Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson and the War That Changed Poetry, Forever

From the beginning, however, Dickinson has strongly appealed to many ordinary or unschooled readers. Rather than starting the stanza by proceeding with his analysis on the societal impacts of war, he pauses to ground the reader once more in the battle itself, which is the core happening that leads to the other aspects being discussed in the poem.

In those years Dickinson experienced a painful and obscure personal crisis, partly of a romantic nature.

Compare and contrast Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman.

Whitman also innovated, developing his own style of free verse that is unmistakably his own, with passion sizzling through his words. One of the most admirable modern literary biographies.

Walt Whitman

By far the most comprehensive Dickinson interpretive biography. The Letters of Emily Dickinson. Of the two posthumous diagnosesexotropia a kind of strabismusthe inability of one eye to align with the other and anterior uveitis inflammation of the uvea, a part of the iristhe latter seems more likely.

America is false to the past, false to the present, and solemnly binds herself to be false to the future. Susan was an active hostess, and her home was the venue at which Dickinson met a few friends, most importantly Samuel Bowles, publisher and editor of the influential Springfield Republican.

Walt Whitman's poetry expresses an enlarged vision that encompasses the universe in a broad way, in expansive outward gestures and long poems.

O Me! O Life! by Walt Whitman

In contrast, Dickinson's poetry is interior, dealing. COMPARATIVE PAPER ON POETRY: WHITMAN AND DICKINSON’S VIEWS OF DEATH REFLECTED ON THEIR POEMS Walt Whitman & Emily Dickinson’s Views of Death Reflected on their Poems Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman are two of the most innovative poets of the American Literature, mainly because of the revolutionary ways in which they both wrote their poems.

Walt Whitman was born in and would become one of the most recognized names in American poetry. In addition to his stance as a poet, he was also a teacher, an.

Walt Whitman - Poet - Born on May 31,Walt Whitman is the author of Leaves of Grass and, along with Emily Dickinson, is considered one of the architects of a uniquely American poetic voice. Reclusive throughout her life, Emily Dickinson garnered little recognition for her poetry during her lifetime, but her legacy to American literature in general and poetic form in particular is an.

Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman were both authors and had a unique writing style. Although the two have some of the same views on things, their writing styles were drastically different. When put plainly, Whitman likes to use free verse, while Dickinson on the other .

An analysis of walt whitmans and emily dickinsons poems with similar topics
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